Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Councils of Hunsdon and Eastwick & Gilston have committed to working together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan - the Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston Neighbourhood Plan (HEGNP). This website describes:

    What is Neighbourhood Planning?
    Why are the two Parish Councils working together?
    When is the HEGNP going to be produced?
    How does this affect me as a resident, business or landowner?
    Where will the HEGNP apply?
    Who is developing the HEGNP?

Our response to each question can be found using the buttons to the left, together with some key documents referenced in the site.

Your last chance to save the Gilston - Eastwick - Hunsdon Green Belt. BOOK A COACH SEAT
On the morning of Wednesday, 8th November the government-appointed Examiner will be considering in detail Chapter 11 of the East Herts’ District Plan which deals exclusively with their proposals (in reality Places for People [PfP]’s proposals) for the Gilston Area. East Herts planners will, doubtless, continue to tell the Examiner these proposals have been developed with the support of the local community; this is important for them because it is a requirement of the government’s Garden Towns initiative.
HEGNP has made it abundantly clear to East Herts Council that it has overwhelming concerns about the impact on local villages—specifically the loss of Green Belt, the absence of demonstrable plans to provide adequate infrastructure and the inevitable gridlock of local transport. These are the concerns that emerged when we held a genuine consultation recently with the local community rather than the stage-managed events put on by PfP which provided no answers to any meaningful questions. HEGNP has been working over the past weeks with consultants to collate and prepare these concerns in preparation for their professional presentation to the Examiner on 8th November.
We need to impress on the Examiner the truth about local concerns over the Gilston Area. Please help us in this; to overcome transport concerns, HEGNP will be arranging (free) coaches to take residents to the Examination in Public at EHC’s offices in Hertford on 8th November. Our purpose is twofold; firstly to demonstrate to the Examiner, EHC, PfP and the local press the absence of local support for the proposals, and secondly to provide for those who genuinely want to observe the discussion. Please go to our COACH BOOKING PAGE for details of the arrangements and to book a seat. HELP SAVE OUR PRECIOUS GREEN BELT!!

Q2 2017 update The intention to produce a Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston Neighbourhood Plan continues and the team are working hard towards that goal. However the project has been largely undermined by the sudden decision of East Herts Council in late 2016 to include the Gilston Area as a preferred site for major housing development in its latest draft of the District Plan. The two Parish Councils strongly object to this change in policy and are most concerned both at the absence of commitment to provide all necessary infrastructure to support this scale of development and at the total absence of meaningful public consultation on the proposals (see the 'Where' page for further explanation of this change). However on the basis that 'a bad Neighbourhood Plan is probably worse than no Neighbourhood Plan' the team is working with the East Herts Council and other stakeholders to mitigate the impact of the decision and still produce a valuable and effective document.

We hope you will find the website informative and helpful. More importantly we hope it will inspire YOU to become involved. If you are willing to offer assistance, of any kind, to the HEGNP team or have any feedback on this website then please contact us using our response form