Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston Neighbourhood Plan

How will the HEGNP affect me as a resident, business or landowner?

The HEGNP will be a supplement to East Herts Council's District Plan. The District Plan is the planning document that "will deliver sustainable development and shape the future of East Herts to 2031". That Plan is well advanced but remains to be ratified and become fully effective. However, as the District Plan emerges, more and more weight is attached to it (and therefore to its supplements) when the Council makes its decisions on applications for developments.

When the District Plan is in place, it will be the single and definitive basis against which all applications are decided. That includes both strategic policies - ie the 'top-down' assessment of where the additional 15,000+ homes that East Herts has been determined to require by 2031 should broadly go - and the detailed policies that would apply to a specific development.

So if you live, work or own land in Hunsdon, Eastwick or Gilston and have a view on where development should go or not go, or you have a view on what types of development should be permitted or what should not, or you have a view on what developments should look like or should not - then this is your opportunity to express those views. Because, in time, those decisions will affect you. If you are willing to offer assistance, of any kind, to the HEGNP team or have any feedback on this website then please contact us using our response form or at