Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston Neighbourhood Plan

When will the HEGNP be produced?

That's a difficult question to give a clear answer to. The team's original goal was to have an initial Plan covering the current settlements in place by mid-2017, however East Herts Council's sudden advancement of the Gilston Area as a preferred location for major housing development (see the 'Where' page for further explanation) has undermined our whole intended programme for producing the Neighbourhood Plan. Our current priority (Q2 2017) is to reach an agreement with East Herts Council on a form of Neighbourhood Plan that can address the immediate, local issues at the same time as accommodating the 'elephant in the room' of major development on greenfield sites outside of the existing settlements.

One other fact the team does know is that that the greater the involvement and commitment of the communities, the faster progress will be made and the quicker the Plan can be put in place to ensure local views and priorities are given proper weight when planning decisions are made in future. If you are willing to offer assistance, of any kind, to the HEGNP team or have any feedback on this website then please contact us using our response form or at