Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston Neighbourhood Plan

Who is developing the HEGNP?

Hunsdon Parish Council and Eastwick & Gilston Parish Council have committed to work together to produce a joint Neighbourhood Plan. To that effect they have formed a Steering Group comprising some members of each Parish Council with other residents of the parishes to manage the project. The Steering Group will undertake some of the work itself, but its main purpose is to enable the Plan by engaging volunteers and professionals in the various stages, and in particular to generate and gather the detailed information upon which the Plan must be based.

This Steering Group was formed in late 2015 and currently comprises:

    Anthony Bickmore (Gilston resident - Steering Group Chairman)
    Sarah Bagnall - (Gilston resident)
    Janine Bryant (Eastwick & Gilston Parish Councillor)
    Wendy Carter - (Priest in Charge, High Wych and Gilston with Eastwick)
    Bernadette Dunthorne (Hunsdon Parish Councillor - Steering Group Finance Manager)
    Kirsty Elliot (Gilston resident)
    Terry Minkey (Gilston resident)
    Mike Newman (Hunsdon resident - Steering Group Communications Manager)
    Mark Orson (Eastwick & Gilston Parish Councillor)
    Frank O'Shea (Hunsdon resident)
    Bob Toll (Hunsdon Parish Councillor)

All the above are familiar faces within their communities and would be happy to answer any questions you may have on the emerging HEGNP and/or to hear you suggestions. They would be even happier to hear your offers of support and willingness to contribute! Any of the team can be contacted by email at

The Steering Group meets every few weeks. Minutes of its meetings can be seen on the Reference documents page of this site