Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston Neighbourhood Plan

Why are the two Parish Councils working together?

For two very distinct reasons:

  1. For the community to produce a valid Neighbourhood Plan (ie one which has been independently verified as meeting all the statutory requirements) will require a major commitment of time and effort. Much of this will be made by volunteers from within the communities - including those already engaged on Parish Councils; the rest will require professional (paid) input by relevant specialists. By joining together the communities hope to achieve some benefits of scale, utilise a wider pool of local expertise and avoid unnecessary and costly duplication.
  2. As the map (right) confirms, we are three parishes - albeit two Parish Councils - that are geographically very closely connected. As such we have many shared interests and are part of the same District Council ward. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that much of the land within the three parishes has been identified within East Herts' emerging District Plan as a Broad Areas for Development and is under single ownership by a housing development company. Large-scale development in this area over the timescale of the District Plan (to 2031) is therefore a very real prospect and one of the explicit purposes of the HEGNP will be to inject a local view as East Herts Council continues to analyse and assess the prospect of development in the Gilston Area alongside its other options.