What the NPG does

Find out more about the members of the Hunsdon, Eastwick and Gilston Neighbourhood Plan Group on our About Us page, and feel free to get in touch via our Contact form.

Below is an outline of the work done by the NPG on behalf of the communities it represents:

The Neighbourhood Plan Group
  • Residents
  • Councillors
  • Relevant experience
  • Meets monthly
Securing Funding
  • Developers
  • Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Board
  • Groundwork UK
  • Parish Councils
Responding to Planning Applications
  • Villages 1-6 OPA
  • Eastern and Central Crossing
  • Village 7
  • Supporting residents in their personal responses
Transport Consultants
  • Engaged Markides Associates to evaluate developers’ plans
Landscape Consultants
  • Engaged Gareth Price to advise on key issues
Neighbourhood Plan
  • Engaged Urban Silence to offer professional support
  • Completed first draft in nine months
  • Launched community consultation with 550 comments
  • Currently incorporating feedback into second version
Support from Councillors/MP
  • Sustained dialogue with Councillor Eric Buckmaster
  • Support of Mark Prisk MP (till 2019 election)
  • Opened dialogue with Julie Marson MP (from 2019)
Work with Partners
  • Dialogue and cooperation with local, regional and national groups, including the Land Trust, Stort Valley Partnership and Canal & River Trust
Press Activity