Gilston Area Neighbourhood Plan – Notice of Public Consultation

As part of the ongoing Examination into the draft Plan, a Hearing was appointed by the Examiner and held on 19 November 2020. The Hearing followed the issue by the Examiner of his Examination Note 2, which raised 3 potentially significant concerns as to the compliance of the draft Plan with the Basic Conditions.

The Examiner decided not to maintain the third of the concerns.

As to the first 2 concerns, the NP Group submitted material on 26 November 2020 (as discussed and agreed at the Hearing) aimed at meeting the first concern (essentially that the draft NP did not identify the broad location and extent of the seven proposed villages, nor their approximate dwelling numbers).

As to the second concern (the length and repetitive nature of the draft) the Group submitted on 18 December 2020 (again, as discussed and agreed) a document entitled Submission Draft (December 2020 Edits). This document, which also responds to certain other matters discussed at the Hearing, is put forward as a proposed alternative version of the Plan. The Group is suggesting that, if the revisions in the Edits document are found appropriate by the Examiner, they could be achieved by way of recommended Modifications to the Plan.

In accordance with good practice, the Examiner now needs to know if anyone involved in the process wishes to make any comments on the Edits documents (which has already been available on the NP and Council websites). He will take any comments into consideration when considering his report and recommendations.

Any comments should be brief, and must not repeat any of the material already provided in the earlier representations.

Any comments in response to this notice must be made to the Council not later than Monday 25 January 2021.

Please see documentson 18 December 2020 – all comments must be made in writing and submitted to by Monday 25 January 2021.