NPG submits response to revised Village 7 application

Revised Village 7 response

The Hunsdon, Eastwick and Gilston Neighbourhood Plan Group (NPG) has issued its response to the revised planning application for Village 7 (3/19/2124/OUT) submitted by City & Provincial Properties (as Briggens Estate 1)

The NPG has objected to the revised application, stating:

The revised planning application for Village 7 in the Gilston Area continues to give serious cause for concern and without major amendment is not fit for determination; at the very least it requires further comprehensive alignment with Villages 1-6, commitment to infrastructure delivery and design modifications.

As it stands it fails to comply with Policy GA1 in the District Plan, falls short of benchmarks laid down by the Concept Framework and does not follow the Garden City principles specified in the District Plan.

The application still departs from policy objectives and the vision for the Gilston
Area in too many aspects to be considered fit for determination. It is not presented in a form which should be approved by the Council without further very
substantial amendments.

In fact, it will remain fundamentally flawed if it is pursued as a standalone development or one which expects to be built before the other villages of the Gilston development are constructed in a logical, sensibly planned sequence.

You can read the response in full here.